The following are actual client letters:

I write you this letter because I seem to write what I feel better than I speak! I can’t thank you enough for the chance you have given me! I can’t shower you with gifts, all I can do is be full of true compassion as I write these words! I’ve only been here a month and I already feel like a whole new man!  I can honestly say and feel that I have a personal relationship with Christ now. TM

I haven’t had the chance to really get to know you yet, but what I do know is that you really blow me away! You have a gift of understanding people like me, you have a golden heart to help, you lead the way to Christ and for a better future! It astonishes me that you lived the “Hollywood” life and you did a 180, now you share your wisdom and really want to help “Satan’s saints” to be free from sin and you yearn to share the glory of God! SD

If I wouldn’t have come here I wouldn’t have found Jesus and I would not be feeling, looking, thinking, or being as good as I am now! I was really addicted to drugs, women, and money very bad! Cameron and you have really opened my eyes to see life better, to live life better – to live how God sees me! TS

You are one of the most intelligent men I know! You know what it is like to be a slave to sin, to live for lust and drugs, to be in bondage or fulfilling your flesh. You also know God on His terms, which has made you a powerful preacher and s role model Christian! You lend your heart and mind to the addicted and for that I’m so very thankful! Now I will be a father to my baby girl, before I wasn’t sure if I was going to be or not, God is the reason I’m here but you have given me the chance! PR

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me! I feel so good now, God has changed so much in so little time, it’s so amazing! I’m in touch with a whole new reality now, I used to live for drugs, now I live for God’s will and it’s such a better high!

Thank you for all of who you are and all you have done. You are one of the best in my book Mr. D. – no joke! Now I can think of life with a big smile, one you helped create! God is amazing! Thank you.  AL

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