What We Do

We invest the time on the front end to help people be successful in life and at their jobs. We have developed a program, for qualified participants, that not only prepares them for release, but after they are released, helps them get stabilized in the community so they become productive citizens and don’t wind up back in prison.There are several things we do

1.Prescreen them before they are released.
2.Provide a place to live.
3.Put them through our program of rehabilitation and education.
4. Help them find decent jobs
5. Monitor their progress


1.While in prison, the person participates in a Christian-based Celebrate Recovery Group.
2.We explain to group participants how our residential program works and encourage those who are interested to let us know.
3. The candidate fills out and signs comprehensive 26-page application.
4.The candidate undergoes a private interview to evaluate his suitability for the program.
5.If the interview and evaluation is positive, the candidate is eligible for the residential program once released.
6. Candidates are subject to a TB test, HIV/Aids test.

After Release

The candidate is required to read and sign a policies and procedures manual before final acceptance into the program.
Once the candidate signs a policies and procedures form, that person is admitted to a recovery home to undergo a two-phased Program. The participants understand they are making a one-year commitment to the program.

Phase I is a 90-day stabilization program. The resident is given a personality test and a job-skills evaluation and is subject to a background check.

Residents are required to participate in:
Recovery Group
Group Counseling
Bible Study

Basic Christian Discipleship Program
Additional Life Skills Classes
These include classes in Stress & Anger Management, Resolving Conflicts, Money Management, Improving Family Relationships, etc.
Residents are not allowed to work outside the ministry during Phase I
The program fee for Phase I is $125 per week plus a $50 application fee and $50 educational materials cost. A resident can be sponsored by a church or individual and may obtain a partial scholarship.
Phase II consists of a nine-month discipleship and work therapy program. In addition to an intensive Christian discipleship program, residents participants in other classes including resume preparation, job interview preparation, conflict resolution, etc.) Once the resident gets a job, they are required to pay $135 a week program fee or 20% of theia weekly salary, whichever is greater to help defray the costs of the program .

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